Don’t trust the Fairy Dust

Using Social Media to Distribute Content

Using Social Media to Distribute Content

Marketing is all part of the writing game these days. I get it and accept it is part of the package. And yes, I understand I’m going to need to invest in myself and my tools.

However, throwing money all over the place like a fool is not exactly the business plan I’m looking to implement here.

Recently, I was notified it was time to renew my subscription for my domain name, but I decided I wanted a different one. Apparently, since I’m not a new customer I qualify for the “you’ll need to split open your vein and perhaps sell off an organ” price.

Vintage Salesman Signs - Google Search

Vintage Salesman Signs – Google Search

Now, I thought there was a mix up so I called and spoke with a very nice customer service representative. He offered to create a website, sprinkle a little fairy dust, provide a free domain, and pimp everything out on search engines for under a hundred dollars a month with no contract!

Oh my God, that sounds awesome. I could…

Wait a minute, what? That’s almost $1,200 a year and I haven’t even published my first book yet.

Oh, he was good. He almost got me.

Damn, fairy dust.

Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust