Thieves are bold because…

Can writing be therapy for the soul? Purging the emotional chaos whirling within the confines of our minds? It’s often recommended as a way to rid ourselves of negative and tangled emotions. The written word can also be a powerful tool and weapon. Which is something businesses should never forget, especially in today’s age of social media and technology.

Last weekend a friend and I went to Las Vegas for the weekend. On our way home, we stopped at Stateline/Primm, NV to get gas, something to eat, and waste a couple of hours at Buffalo Bills hotel and casino. This was a horrible mistake.

Apparently, parking under a light less than 100 feet from the front door with a security guard and cameras is not responsible nor safe. My car was broken into and our luggage was stolen. I was lucky the thieves were professionals and didn’t break anything.

The head of security advised I should have parked in the back parking lot (WTH?!). The police advised they would not file a report if there wasn’t any surveillance footage (there wasn’t). I was told by risk management, “Well, that’s how life is…” I was also reminded I was parking at my own risk (nice, huh?).

I’m pissed about the whole situation, the lack of action from the authorities and the thieves who stole our personal property. I’ve taken the necessary steps to protect ourselves (changed passwords, added security alerts, blah, blah, blah). Every time I do something extra I never did before I’m reminded of the why. I refuse to be a victim and I’d rather be mad than live in fear. I know it isn’t healthy either way but I have to work with what I have. Perhaps if the authorities did go after the criminals maybe, just maybe it would dissuade thieves from stealing and breaking the law. Why should they stop if they know authorities won’t do anything about it?

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.”

Yeah, I’m sorry you couldn’t help me either and therein lies the tragedy.