No, Not Today

Standing upon the cliff’s edge, looking out upon the sea

I can see the churning waves, furious in their rage, thunderous in their fury

Oh yes, I can see the malicious and malignant tides conspiring to overcome me

But I will not fall, No, Not today a voice whispers

I hold my sheathed sword, letting the soft confidence warm my battered heart

Turning my back upon the traitorous sea that is no longer of importance to me

Hearing their cries, their pitiful pleas, it is all lies… it has no meaning

I shall not fall, “No, Not today a voice murmurs softly

I grip my sword, allowing the strength of those words to bolster my steps as I continue onward

Striding towards the setting sun and rising moon, basking in my newfound freedom

The shackles and chains of my own making falling away

I raise my sword, reminiscent of Boadicea, shouting the words No, Not Today!

Silencing the curses of conspirators that I have been hearing all of these days

The wicked words and jealous egos that no longer place their cold hands upon my throat

You will fall…it won’t work…you can’t…you will fail

To that I will simply say, No, Not Today