Good News!

I would Love to have an apple tree in my future backyard someday!Have you heard the saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

Well, in this case it’s true! My boy-o was entered in a poetry contest (he claims he didn’t know) and according to the letter we received his poem was selected by The American Library of Poetry to be published in this year’s book of poetry, Eloquence.

Yup, this proud mama is cheesing hard. Of course, the kid doesn’t even remember the poem (I do, he asked me to read it before he turned it in.) It was for extra credit in history class. Amazing, he’ll be published at fourteen and he’s acting as if he doesn’t care. Maybe he’ll feel different when he actually holds the book in his hands and sees his name in print. It’s an awesome feeling. We’re very proud of our boy.

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I also got some good news of my own. My first chapter for Innocent Sacrifice (the latest novel I’m working on) got accepted for the HD California Writers Club Anthology. Plus I’m working with a fellow author on her book launch.

So much stuff in going on…and yet I want more. Does that seem greedy?

I can’t help it. I got a taste of the good stuff and I want to bathe in it, baby!

¡Pon una Beer Bath en tu boda! | Sweet Bodas


I’m feeling kinda chingona (bad ass)

It’s only been a couple of weeks since I’ve blogged but it seems like so much has changed. Perhaps it’s my perspective rather than my world. I recently went on vacation and came back pumped to jump into the world of writing. Look out world, I’m here and I’m armed with a laptop, social media and registered for writing workshops!!! ( I would lift my laptop as if brandishing a sword but that would be just silly so I digress.)

I think I was allowing things (responsibilities, bleh) to stress me out when the truth is “they” aren’t the most important things in my life. My family, my writing, and I am. So there ::fist pump:: I know I have to be responsible but I don’t have to allow it all to overwhelm me and take over. I’m channeling my inner chingona (bad ass) and I’m going to work with it.

This weekend I attended the monthly meeting for the HD branch California Writers Club. I’ll admit when I got up that morning I really wanted to go back to sleep but I’m so glad I didn’t. It turns out there was a workshop that day. Alan Watt, author (The 90 day novel) and instructor presented a 2 hour workshop Unlock the story within. Oh my goodness, it really was awesome. There were some great writing exercises and ideas that helped get my creative juices going. I’ve had my protagonist sitting on my shoulder, whispering stuff in my ear since Saturday. I don’t know if it’s creepy or a good thing. Whatever it is, I’m going to go with it and just write the story she wants me to tell. If you would like more information about Alan Watt’s classes I’ll include the link at the bottom of the page.

I also volunteered to help out with this year’s writing conference Howling at the Moon 2012 (more details to come) put on by the HDCWC.  Then I agreed to consider blogging for High Desert blogging. I’ve already decided to do it. Ha, it took me about an hour after the meeting to think of some ideas.  On Sunday I sent some poetry to the HDCWC newsletter The Inkslinger for the editor’s review. ::slight cringe:: I hope she likes it.

Holy Moly I’m doing BIG THINGS!! What did I tell you? Creative juices overflow…eww sound like I have a plumbing issue, huh? Well, don’t take it that way silly sally because it’s all good.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that in addition to all that other stuff I signed up for Angela James Before You Hit Send online workshop last week. I’ve read really good things about her workshop and it looks like it is exactly what I need. I’ll include her link at the bottom of the page as well. It looks like lots of information on tips to help self-edit ::shudders::  and learning about pacing, show not tell, etc. Take a moment to click on the link and check it out.

I’m on a roll folks! Hmmm, I might need a theme song before this month is over.


Alan Watt

Angela James

High Desert Branch California Writers Club

No, Not Today

Standing upon the cliff’s edge, looking out upon the sea

I can see the churning waves, furious in their rage, thunderous in their fury

Oh yes, I can see the malicious and malignant tides conspiring to overcome me

But I will not fall, No, Not today a voice whispers

I hold my sheathed sword, letting the soft confidence warm my battered heart

Turning my back upon the traitorous sea that is no longer of importance to me

Hearing their cries, their pitiful pleas, it is all lies… it has no meaning

I shall not fall, “No, Not today a voice murmurs softly

I grip my sword, allowing the strength of those words to bolster my steps as I continue onward

Striding towards the setting sun and rising moon, basking in my newfound freedom

The shackles and chains of my own making falling away

I raise my sword, reminiscent of Boadicea, shouting the words No, Not Today!

Silencing the curses of conspirators that I have been hearing all of these days

The wicked words and jealous egos that no longer place their cold hands upon my throat

You will fall…it won’t work…you can’t…you will fail

To that I will simply say, No, Not Today

For Ginger

So many kisses I gotta give

I wanna play, I wanna play

Oh… this is the best part of the day


Look I can jump! Look I can dig!

You mean I’m not supposed to act this way?

It’s fine, I’ll just give momma more kisses

Oh…this is the best part of the day


The sun is hot, the wind is soft

Playtime is over but it’s okay

Sigh, now it’s naptime and

This… is the best part of the day

Freedom and Acceptance


The stirring of life begins

I can feel my senses awakening

Slowly, ever so slowly I push my wings free

The wind caresses my body, whispering to me of adventure and promises of love

My heart yearns to be free but…

I can’t rush my bid for freedom…not yet, oh no not yet

The light dances off the sparkling leaves

Multitudes of colors that I can barely see through the gauze of my cocoon

My wings quiver in anticipation; my body shakes with anticipation

But I am still trapped…in my cocoon…waiting for the right time

Pushing through the fabric of Mother Nature’s nurturing grasp

I am anxious to be free, to share my beauty and magnificence with the world

Oh what joys I will experience, what adventures I will have

Finally, at last I can feel the last of my chains falling away

The sounds, the colors bombard my senses, I am exuberant!

I sail across the field, buffeted by the wind

Thrown here and there as insignificant as an insect

But I am a butterfly

I am more than a mere insect…aren’t I?

Time passes and with it comes knowledge

Although yes I am a butterfly and perhaps I am just an insect

But I am ME and I am FREE

So on to the next adventure, sailing into the winds that will carry me through fields of flowers  

Embracing the beauty and magnificence of not just myself, but of the world  


I started this poem almost a year ago. Seemed kind of prophetic, huh? I do feel free now, doing what has been hiding inside for so many years. I wasn’t going to post it because it feels like I’m exposing such a vulnurable part of myself. But I guess that’s the point isn’t it? I hapn’d to come across a poem from Sylvia Plath (A Mad Girl’s Love Song)  and realized as writers exposing the most hidden, darkest, vulnerable parts of ourselves is where the beauty comes from. Eh, whatever maybe I’m just having an emo moment.. don’t judge me, it happens.