I had a moment but it’s okay.

It seems like it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. Things have been kind of hectic lately. However, I do have some good news to share. I submitted an article to the Inkslinger editor and she accepted it. This means it’ll be published in the HDCWC October newsletter. Yay! :cheers for me:

Want to know something else? I forgot I had poetry published in the HDCWC newsletter September issue as well. (Tonta!) Yea, I know how in the heck does someone forget something like that? I don’t know. I’ve been asking myself the same question for over a week.

In moments such as this, I think it’s just easier to quote my hubby, “Eh, you’ll have that on big jobs.”



Here’s my card

Today I got my 2nd set of business card. The 1st set I ordered came out nice but weren’t quite right. The print was too small. It wasn’t anyone else’s fault but my own. I guess it is true, everything does look bigger online. Ha! But I digress, I love these new cards. I kept the same color and image. I just moved things around and made the text bigger. In this case, bigger is definitely better.

The cards came just in time too. This Saturday is our monthly California Writer’s Club meeting. I can walk in with a little more dignity and pizazz than I usually do. Especially since the August 2012 newsletter is now available online at http://www.hdcwc.org/Pages/default.aspx .

Guess who’s on page 4 AND 5? No, it’s not the latest Kim K. romantic development silly sally. Me! The editor put 2 of my poems in. It didn’t quite hit me till about an hour after seeing it. I was having breakfast with my son and had to run to the bathroom. I started tearing up and was afraid I would start crying like a freak in front of everyone.

Sure, I had already posted those poems on my blog but having them published is different. There’s a sense of anonymity with a blog. I can pretend nobody is reading it although secretly hoping everyone is. But this is legitmate. I didn’t even get paid which really makes me feel like a bona fide writer.

I never thought the day would come that I’d be happy about not getting paid. Funny how life turns out, isn’t it?

Published, I will be?

It’s a new week and I hope everyone is just as pumped for summer as I am. Things have been moving along pretty steadily. I heard back from the editor of The Inkslinger (newsletter for www.hdcwc.org ) and she accepted my work! I’m pretty jazzed about it. She said she loved (yup, she really said loved and I am going to carry those words around in my heart for years to come) my poetry and will spread my work out over a few months. I can keep submitting my stuff to her and she will review it for approval.

AHHHHH I’m so excited! It’s really happening. This is my first legitimate step towards my dream. During a phone call with my friend Branli (www.branlicaidryn.com) he says “You know what this means right? You can officially add ‘Published Author’ to your resume.” My knees buckled a little bit and my eyes got a bit teary. “No, that’s not…No, I’m not!”

“Yup, Honey it’s available to the public on their website. You’re going to be published. Let that sink in.”

“No…Oh my God!” Branli just laughed at me. Who knows how long I would have gone without realizing what I did? Lol, I’m such a DA sometimes but it’s okay.  I’m not embarrassed or ashamed. I totally embrace it.

In fact, the very next day I saw the editor at the meeting with High Desert Blogging (www.highdesertblogging.com).   I asked her if it was true. Rusty said yes, the newsletter is a regional publication because it is distributed to all of the California Writers Club in the state plus it’s available on the internet.  (Sweet!)

I had no problem looking like a dork and asking Rusty. Well let’s be honest the truth is Branli is my friend and he loves me. I needed confirmation from a stranger who doesn’t care about my feelings or will sugarcoat stuff. So with that confirmation (pat on the back) I ordered some business cards. I was starting to feel kind of silly going to these meetings and being the only one without anything to hand out. Everyone has postcards, bookmarks, business cards, dancing bears, etc. “Do you have a card?” “Oh no, I’m sorry I’m just starting out [LOSER].”

Can you tell I’m feeling kind of giddy and have a goofy grin? Yea, I’m not going to lie I’m flippen terrified of the whole thing and I want to cry when I think too much about it. So I do what I do best, ignore the big elephant in the room and just keep moving forward. Fake it till you make it and pretend I know what the heck I’m doing. Because for what I don’t know there’s always Google.