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Learning How to Read Like a Scholar

Learning How to Read Like a Scholar

Let’s talk research. Every writer knows there are times in the pursuit of creativity we delve into areas that aren’t pretty and can make the average person sick to their stomach. However, finding information is part of what an author must do for the sake of the story.

Joining a discussion group created for writers with the sole purpose of being able to pick each other’s brains was the best decision I could have ever made. Questions can include topics such as, how much does a head wound bleed or what is the best way to disable brakes on a car?

There’s nothing worse then reading a book and it isn’t believable.

The devil’s in the details.

But, sometimes while you’re searching the internet you come across an article or website that just breaks your heart. With everything I’ve read, seen, and heard while researching my book one would think nothing would shock or surprise me.

I was wrong.

I need to find my happy place.

Dreamy beach house // I can't even imagine

Dreamy beach house



Zombie attack?! Whatcha talken bout Willis? I know I’m not the only person freaking out about this. I read up on what happened in Miami. Authorities are saying that suspect was allegedly under the influence of bath salts. Are you freaking kidding me? He snorted bath salts and it caused him to eat some poor guys face and then get shot without hardly any reaction!!???

Now I’m not always the quickest horse in the stable but for real? Bath salts? What, the guy didn’t have any hand sanitizer to drink around? Geez, getting high these days is ridiculous. Kids just don’t do it; it’s not worth being laughed at and made fun of. Dare to be different!  Its hand cleaner and bath product for Gods sake!!

Ok, sure I know it’s not like I didn’t take allergy medicine as a young teenager and got a little buzzed. But then again you never heard news stories of someone eating some guys FACE OFF on national news because he or she was high on cold medicine. Sure they might have fell out of window or something but I’m thinking that’s Darwinism. Of course I’ve been accused of being a cold-hearted B*^%# so I could be wrong.

The scary thing is we have a pre-teen of our own. He’s a good kid, very intelligent but not too keen with common sense sometimes. (We see an engineer-based career in his future.) We try as best we can to give him “life lesson” advice but sometimes you can actually see the words go in one ear and out the other. He’s a pre-teen with all the sarcasm of a 25 year old (he’s ours so we expect no less) so I can’t even imagine his reaction when I tell him “Don’t drink the hand sanitizer and Don’t snort bath salts”. God, my kid is going to think I’m an idiot but what’s the alternative, Zombieland?

Just being silly

Last night I realized something about my relationship with my hubby. Here’s a little background info, I grew up in Southern California and he’s from Colorado. With that being said for me, as a teenager it was pretty much a rite of passage to watch movies like Zoot Suit, Blood In, Blood Out, Boulevard Nights, American Me; for him, not so much. In fact, he hadn’t even heard of some these movies until he moved to Southern California (gasp! I know, huh?).

So I’m having trouble sleeping and what else am I to do but harass my partner in life? He’s right next to me, don’t judge me…you know you would do the same. I start poking him in the armpit (mimicking a stabbing motion). I’m thinking of that movie Blood In, Blood Out for some reason. We had just watched Criminal Minds so I’m going to blame it on that.

Sigh… “Babe what are you doing?” He is facing away from me, laying on his side.

“Practicing,” I answer.

“What? To stab me in the armpit?!”

“Well…yea, under the armpit, right thru the lung. Bam! I watched Blood In, Blood Out when I was a teenager.”

“I didn’t see that one. Is that one of those movies like Zoot Suit or American Me?” he asks.

“Yea…Don’t look at me Little Puppet!” I poke him in the armpit again (mimicking a stabbing motion) laughing uproariously at my own joke.

“You got issues.”

After a brief moment, “Babe, are you worried I’m going to try to stab you?” (I have to ask him.)

“Naw, life insurance doesn’t pay you for that.” With those sweet loving words my husband goes to sleep.

For those who don’t know us this might seem strange and kind of crazy but I think that is the quintessential example of who we are as a couple. He accepts me for all my ridiculousness and I accept him for his (trust me he has his moments). I realized that laughter and our plain goofiness is going to be my foundation as I move forward as a writer. Even during those moments when I’m channeling my inner Greek tragedy, I’ll have memories like last night to make me smile and laugh. When it’s all said and done, who cares about movies when I got my man.