Good News!

I would Love to have an apple tree in my future backyard someday!Have you heard the saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

Well, in this case it’s true! My boy-o was entered in a poetry contest (he claims he didn’t know) and according to the letter we received his poem was selected by The American Library of Poetry to be published in this year’s book of poetry, Eloquence.

Yup, this proud mama is cheesing hard. Of course, the kid doesn’t even remember the poem (I do, he asked me to read it before he turned it in.) It was for extra credit in history class. Amazing, he’ll be published at fourteen and he’s acting as if he doesn’t care. Maybe he’ll feel different when he actually holds the book in his hands and sees his name in print. It’s an awesome feeling. We’re very proud of our boy.

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I also got some good news of my own. My first chapter for Innocent Sacrifice (the latest novel I’m working on) got accepted for the HD California Writers Club Anthology. Plus I’m working with a fellow author on her book launch.

So much stuff in going on…and yet I want more. Does that seem greedy?

I can’t help it. I got a taste of the good stuff and I want to bathe in it, baby!

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Don’t trust the Fairy Dust

Using Social Media to Distribute Content

Using Social Media to Distribute Content

Marketing is all part of the writing game these days. I get it and accept it is part of the package. And yes, I understand I’m going to need to invest in myself and my tools.

However, throwing money all over the place like a fool is not exactly the business plan I’m looking to implement here.

Recently, I was notified it was time to renew my subscription for my domain name, but I decided I wanted a different one. Apparently, since I’m not a new customer I qualify for the “you’ll need to split open your vein and perhaps sell off an organ” price.

Vintage Salesman Signs - Google Search

Vintage Salesman Signs – Google Search

Now, I thought there was a mix up so I called and spoke with a very nice customer service representative. He offered to create a website, sprinkle a little fairy dust, provide a free domain, and pimp everything out on search engines for under a hundred dollars a month with no contract!

Oh my God, that sounds awesome. I could…

Wait a minute, what? That’s almost $1,200 a year and I haven’t even published my first book yet.

Oh, he was good. He almost got me.

Damn, fairy dust.

Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust