A true believer

Last night a friend announce that he was going to finally “put down some roots” and create an author’s page. Which after knowing Branli for a few years is a pretty big deal. Please take a look www.branlicaidryn.com you will be intrigued, your interest will be peaked but you won’t be disappointed. Which is why I have been so excited about his book being released for months. You’re killing me softly Bran.

Branli has been a big part of my cheerleading team and has pushed/badgered me (along with my hubby) to get the voices out of my head. I have stories to tell so do it! Sigh…there’s no room for the weak around here. You got issues, work it out and let’s move on. I’ll have to tell the story of “there’s no crying on the sofa” lol! But thats for later. Right now it’s all about my friend Branli.

You have been a true friend and believer in not only my talent but in me as a person. I appreciate you and I appreciate everything you do. I know how hard you are working on your books with editing, illustration, and, etc, etc (the mind boggles at all the details) No matter what happens I know you are going to be a success because karma will return what you willingly give with a positive and open heart. XOXOXO

Cheers to you Branli Caidryn!!!   Image