Freedom and Acceptance


The stirring of life begins

I can feel my senses awakening

Slowly, ever so slowly I push my wings free

The wind caresses my body, whispering to me of adventure and promises of love

My heart yearns to be free but…

I can’t rush my bid for freedom…not yet, oh no not yet

The light dances off the sparkling leaves

Multitudes of colors that I can barely see through the gauze of my cocoon

My wings quiver in anticipation; my body shakes with anticipation

But I am still trapped…in my cocoon…waiting for the right time

Pushing through the fabric of Mother Nature’s nurturing grasp

I am anxious to be free, to share my beauty and magnificence with the world

Oh what joys I will experience, what adventures I will have

Finally, at last I can feel the last of my chains falling away

The sounds, the colors bombard my senses, I am exuberant!

I sail across the field, buffeted by the wind

Thrown here and there as insignificant as an insect

But I am a butterfly

I am more than a mere insect…aren’t I?

Time passes and with it comes knowledge

Although yes I am a butterfly and perhaps I am just an insect

But I am ME and I am FREE

So on to the next adventure, sailing into the winds that will carry me through fields of flowers  

Embracing the beauty and magnificence of not just myself, but of the world  


I started this poem almost a year ago. Seemed kind of prophetic, huh? I do feel free now, doing what has been hiding inside for so many years. I wasn’t going to post it because it feels like I’m exposing such a vulnurable part of myself. But I guess that’s the point isn’t it? I hapn’d to come across a poem from Sylvia Plath (A Mad Girl’s Love Song)  and realized as writers exposing the most hidden, darkest, vulnerable parts of ourselves is where the beauty comes from. Eh, whatever maybe I’m just having an emo moment.. don’t judge me, it happens.