Last Saturday I attended my first meeting with High Desert Blogging (www.highdesertblogging.com) and let me just say I was a little nervous about what I could bring to the table. The purpose of High Desert blogging is to blog about the High Desert, pretty easy right?  I have lived in this area for almost ten years (Oh my GAWD has it been that long?!) I should be able to talk about the high desert. There are other bloggers on this website who discuss many subjects regarding the high desert (traveling, gardening, money saving tips, etc).

A new thing that is being added is bartering. Cool idea, huh? A page will be added where you can look up what services people are willing to trade and what people are looking for. It’s an old idea that is getting lots of publicity right now. With economics times being what they are, folks are looking for alternative ways to get the things they need.

For example, I needed angle iron for my fence. Instead of buying it, I called my Dad (love it, right) and he has it (of course). Now he won’t charge me for it because 1) He’s my Dad 2) I’ll buy him dinner or a 12pk of beer. It’s all part of the bartering process. My dad and uncle are famous for it.

They usually barter work. My uncle is a mechanic and my dad is a welder or plumber depending on the day or who is asking. I tease them about being the old school guys who know everyone and can get anything. And they do! I went with my hubby to have a few drinks with his co-workers. One of the guys, who I had just met, says “Tell your Dad I said Hi.” What the heck?  It was totally random and kind of cool. That pretty much sums up this area.  Even with all of the influx of people moving to the high desert area, it still has a small town feel to it. Everyone seems to know everyone in some way, shape or form.

So if you get a chance take a look at www.highdesertblogging.com you never know what you can learn or discover. I’m excited to join this blog and add my own perspective (Just a HD Mom) about living here. Thank goodness they embrace the kookiness that is desert living. I should fit right. 🙂