He’s not going to be nice and I love it

Was August really the last time I blogged? Holy crap, I’m a writing hot mess. The key term being hot mess. We recently sold and purchased a new home. So during the move and unpacking, I took a break from writing.

I know. It was the worst thing I could have done.

I’ve already been struggling with this book and my antagonist…oi.

Well, let’s just say since I’ve started writing this story he’s been an allusive bastard. But I’m slowly getting him figured out.

He’s a cross between Dominic Purcell and Georges St. Pierre.Dominic Purcell Georges St Pierre

Oh yeah, he’ll be sexy, but don’t get excited because as of right now, he’s not going to be a good guy.

Is it wrong I’m excited about some of the shady crap this guy is going to do? Or the stuff my protagonist, Elena is going to do to him?

I’m thinking she might need to beat him with a bat before it’s all over. Don’t worry though, he’s going to deserve everything he gets because he started it.

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