It’s time!

Today is the day. Innocent Labor is being released out into the world and I can finally stop losing my mind.

Yeah, right. Let the insanity begin!

Now it’s time to set up book blog tours and get ready for my book launch party. I’ve bought the postcards, stickers, swag to give away, fliers, and a couple tote bags.

Okay, I might have gone a little crazy. But it’s all for a reason and I call that reason marketing. There are some who might disagree. You don’t need all of that. Blah, blah, blah.

When someone has a baby or buys a new car, do they stop and think “Perhaps I shouldn’t go overboard?”

Hell, no they don’t. Innocent Labor is my baby. As many writers have done before me, I’ve put my heart and soul into it. I want my pictures, mementos, and goofy crap that doesn’t have any meaning to anyone else but me.

winking kitty!!! look at its tongue!!

Winking Kitty

I’m at peace with it. I can act like an adult on the next one.

One thought on “It’s time!

  1. jeneric9 says:

    Got my copy!

    Blessings, Eric Moreno Soli Deo Gloria Sent from my iPhone


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