Staying Informed

The other night the old noggin was churning with ideas of what to write about and my mind started to wander (eh, it happens…a lot). I started thinking about how I stay informed on world events. Let’s take Mo. Rep Todd Akin for example. I realize I first heard about his faux pas on my Twitter feed, not the news. Twitter had on the spot coverage regarding his comments 12 hours before I saw it anywhere else.

The next day I was scrolling through Yahoo to see if there was any more information about his comments. In the midst of reading the one article I found about Rep Todd Akin, I see an unrelated link that looks interesting. I know I’m going to regret clicking it but I do it anyway. Sure enough, the article wasn’t great and the video feed starts off “The information in the article is incorrect.” WTH?

Then I go on to make the next worst mistake ever, I read the comments (my hubby hates when I do that, haha). Yes, I know you’re either yelling or laughing at me right now too, aren’t you? I usually restrain myself depending on the tone of the article. But I couldn’t help myself, it was like was watching a celebrity train wreck. I don’t mean any disrespect to Yahoo writers because they’re being paid and I’m not a hater. Right now, I can only aspire to have enough people read my work and complain about it.

I’m just saying when did social media become a main source of information and where I go for my serious news? Twitter and FB keeps me updated on relevant issues without having to go to ten different websites on my own. Twitter really is my morning newspaper. Friends post links to blogs, articles, and suggest books that I should read. I think this snuck up on me over the last couple of months. What about you, where do you get your news from?

I confess I normally only read Yahoo for the tabloid articles and gossip. I’m not saying all the writers are horrible at Yahoo; there are some great writers over there. I’ve found some interesting articles and good information through Yahoo. However, lately I keep asking myself are you sure you want to read this and if you do, don’t read the comments. I won’t talk bad about other writers because that’s not my thing. But dang, I’m giving myself pep talks and warnings before reading articles? It might be time to find a new home page; this is getting a little ridiculous.


By Roni Loren

By Ed Grabianowski

Short and Sweet

I’ve deleted and rewritten this blog more times than I can count today. It’s kind of ridiculous. I was going to be deep and thought provoking about writers making their own opportunities but I decided to ditch that idea.  I feel like I’m beating the same rug over and over again.

As I’m starting over (AGAIN), I’m watching my dog play fight with her metal bowl. My goofy dog finds happiness in the simple things. Ginger is tossing around her bowl and growling at it. I’m not sure who’s winning, her or the bowl.

After a few moments of watching my dog find such enjoyment in something so simple, I decided to take a page out of the book of Ginger. I read a quote this week from Jonathan Winters “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.”

I think that sums up everything quite nicely, don’t you?

Here’s my card

Today I got my 2nd set of business card. The 1st set I ordered came out nice but weren’t quite right. The print was too small. It wasn’t anyone else’s fault but my own. I guess it is true, everything does look bigger online. Ha! But I digress, I love these new cards. I kept the same color and image. I just moved things around and made the text bigger. In this case, bigger is definitely better.

The cards came just in time too. This Saturday is our monthly California Writer’s Club meeting. I can walk in with a little more dignity and pizazz than I usually do. Especially since the August 2012 newsletter is now available online at .

Guess who’s on page 4 AND 5? No, it’s not the latest Kim K. romantic development silly sally. Me! The editor put 2 of my poems in. It didn’t quite hit me till about an hour after seeing it. I was having breakfast with my son and had to run to the bathroom. I started tearing up and was afraid I would start crying like a freak in front of everyone.

Sure, I had already posted those poems on my blog but having them published is different. There’s a sense of anonymity with a blog. I can pretend nobody is reading it although secretly hoping everyone is. But this is legitmate. I didn’t even get paid which really makes me feel like a bona fide writer.

I never thought the day would come that I’d be happy about not getting paid. Funny how life turns out, isn’t it?