Moving forward

The beginning of a new week in Hades and the heat is definitely high around here. It’s hard to believe that it is already June but then again time waits for no woman. I was able to get quite a bit accomplished this weekend. I spent some quality time with my hubby & friends, read a couple good books (Be Still by Tania L. Ramos and Past Jumper by Jamie Heppner), and got my branding (M.G. Edwards) in order for my blog and twitter. My next step is to purchase my domain name and email, etc. Yeah, I know I’m probably getting a little ahead of myself but why not? Go big or go home (plus it’s really cheap and looks cool).

Of course nothing is as simple as we think, you figure “I’m going to be a writer” so you start writing. But then you realize, Wait I’m going to need to brush up on the basics of my craft so let me start meeting other writers. Maybe going to classes/seminars/workshops/oh god…make it stop/online courses/buying books/it doesn’t ever stop does it?/watching YouTube videos/join a writing and or book club. Did I mention starting twitter and blogging? Surprise! This is not a normal 5 day, 8 hour work day gig.

Ok, let me take a breath because now I’m dizzy and this sucks. The sad truth is this is just the beginning; I haven’t even begun to get into the actual publishing/editing part of it then move on to the marketing portion… Yikes, NO BUENO!

But take a step back and breathe…wuuu saaa. I’m going to be okay. Sure, I’ll attend a bunch of stuff I probably won’t need and buy a bunch of books I might not read or ever use. Right now I’m “meeting” people outside of my comfort zone (aka my house) and learning new stuff. Plus this is what I wanted and signed up for. So put on my big girl chonies and suck it up.

I’m taking the steps to move forward, in my own crazy way but I’m doing it. And that’s all that matters to me at this point. I’m not giving advice because the sad truth is I don’t know anything except what I read on yahoo and even that is suspect these days.

I guess what I’m trying to say is stay hydrated in Hades because it’s hot as hell, read some good books,  and remember no matter what path you choose in life be sure to make it your own and then ride that hooptie  till the wheels fall off.

Link for kindle books:

Be Still by Tania L. Ramos

Past Jumper by Jamie Heppner

3 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. mgedwardsblogs says:

    lol, i just noticed my picture is from winter, i think its wishful thinking for cooler weather.

  2. Haites had a cold snap!!! But I’ve been stuck at work so I miss most the action. While people are sweltering in the dry heat, I am freezing my green scrubs wearing booty off at work. They don’t even give us windows in my department, which is fine, because seeing the outdoors would only give us hope. Who needs that?!?
    Thank you for the blog shout out on my book. I feel you on stepping out of the comfort zone. I think I had a blog titled, “You mean I have to leave my home,” or something to that effect. Leaving home is definitely out of my comfort zone. And when I know I have to go meet people, the night before the event, I hide under blankets and go fetal…I may or may not suck my thumb, it’s just so traumatic I can not readily recall. And I have also purchased books that were useless, took webinars that went nowhere, and now receive spam email from websites that promised to make me an overnight hit. When you get to the publishing stage let me know and I will tell you what worked for me and what didn’t and maybe save you some time and money. See you tomorrow, right?

  3. mgedwardsblogs says:

    @NewAuthorPublishing Yup I’ll be there tomorow (High Desert Branch of the California Writers Club meeting)

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