Today I don’t really have any sense of direction of what I should be writing so I am going to take some guidance from Mark David Gerson (The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write) “Rule #7
If you’re feeling stuck, keep your pen moving. Write anything!” So here I go, I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors or nonsensical stuff that is spewing from my brain.

It’s summertime and unfortunately the living isn’t quite that easy…yet. The boy is out of school and has abandoned us for great-grandma’s house (sad face). I’m supposed to be taking advantage of this time but I can’t help feeling kind of sad inside for the old days. My parents and I were looking at old pictures of him when he was a toddler, pathetic I know but we couldn’t help ourselves. He’s the only kid so I think we should be allowed a little leeway for being crazy. Sigh, he was so cute and now…well let’s just say I miss the old days when he couldn’t form sentences and was under 3ft tall.

We’ve also had a change in our work schedule so it’s taking some getting used to. I didn’t realize how much I had gotten used to one set schedule until it got changed up.  The sad thing is I’m not even the one being majorly impacted but it’s still messing me up here at home, the domino effect you know what mean? It’s okay though, it’s all for the greater good… I still miss having dinner with my family but you do what you got to do.

So in an effort to get some family memories (whether they like it or not) I’m seeing a road trip in our future. Grandma called Aunty up in Canada and we’re getting it set up. Load up the Mini and let’s hit the road. Of course we’ll be avoiding random gas stations that are out in the middle of nowhere (too much television) and we already have our passports. Unfortunately, not everyone (sorry ginger) can go so it won’t be a “family” trip but at least I will get to torment the boy and isn’t that what a family trip is really about? 🙂

No, Not Today

Standing upon the cliff’s edge, looking out upon the sea

I can see the churning waves, furious in their rage, thunderous in their fury

Oh yes, I can see the malicious and malignant tides conspiring to overcome me

But I will not fall, No, Not today a voice whispers

I hold my sheathed sword, letting the soft confidence warm my battered heart

Turning my back upon the traitorous sea that is no longer of importance to me

Hearing their cries, their pitiful pleas, it is all lies… it has no meaning

I shall not fall, “No, Not today a voice murmurs softly

I grip my sword, allowing the strength of those words to bolster my steps as I continue onward

Striding towards the setting sun and rising moon, basking in my newfound freedom

The shackles and chains of my own making falling away

I raise my sword, reminiscent of Boadicea, shouting the words No, Not Today!

Silencing the curses of conspirators that I have been hearing all of these days

The wicked words and jealous egos that no longer place their cold hands upon my throat

You will fall…it won’t work…you can’t…you will fail

To that I will simply say, No, Not Today

Moving forward

The beginning of a new week in Hades and the heat is definitely high around here. It’s hard to believe that it is already June but then again time waits for no woman. I was able to get quite a bit accomplished this weekend. I spent some quality time with my hubby & friends, read a couple good books (Be Still by Tania L. Ramos and Past Jumper by Jamie Heppner), and got my branding (M.G. Edwards) in order for my blog and twitter. My next step is to purchase my domain name and email, etc. Yeah, I know I’m probably getting a little ahead of myself but why not? Go big or go home (plus it’s really cheap and looks cool).

Of course nothing is as simple as we think, you figure “I’m going to be a writer” so you start writing. But then you realize, Wait I’m going to need to brush up on the basics of my craft so let me start meeting other writers. Maybe going to classes/seminars/workshops/oh god…make it stop/online courses/buying books/it doesn’t ever stop does it?/watching YouTube videos/join a writing and or book club. Did I mention starting twitter and blogging? Surprise! This is not a normal 5 day, 8 hour work day gig.

Ok, let me take a breath because now I’m dizzy and this sucks. The sad truth is this is just the beginning; I haven’t even begun to get into the actual publishing/editing part of it then move on to the marketing portion… Yikes, NO BUENO!

But take a step back and breathe…wuuu saaa. I’m going to be okay. Sure, I’ll attend a bunch of stuff I probably won’t need and buy a bunch of books I might not read or ever use. Right now I’m “meeting” people outside of my comfort zone (aka my house) and learning new stuff. Plus this is what I wanted and signed up for. So put on my big girl chonies and suck it up.

I’m taking the steps to move forward, in my own crazy way but I’m doing it. And that’s all that matters to me at this point. I’m not giving advice because the sad truth is I don’t know anything except what I read on yahoo and even that is suspect these days.

I guess what I’m trying to say is stay hydrated in Hades because it’s hot as hell, read some good books,  and remember no matter what path you choose in life be sure to make it your own and then ride that hooptie  till the wheels fall off.

Link for kindle books:

Be Still by Tania L. Ramos

Past Jumper by Jamie Heppner