Just being silly

Last night I realized something about my relationship with my hubby. Here’s a little background info, I grew up in Southern California and he’s from Colorado. With that being said for me, as a teenager it was pretty much a rite of passage to watch movies like Zoot Suit, Blood In, Blood Out, Boulevard Nights, American Me; for him, not so much. In fact, he hadn’t even heard of some these movies until he moved to Southern California (gasp! I know, huh?).

So I’m having trouble sleeping and what else am I to do but harass my partner in life? He’s right next to me, don’t judge me…you know you would do the same. I start poking him in the armpit (mimicking a stabbing motion). I’m thinking of that movie Blood In, Blood Out for some reason. We had just watched Criminal Minds so I’m going to blame it on that.

Sigh… “Babe what are you doing?” He is facing away from me, laying on his side.

“Practicing,” I answer.

“What? To stab me in the armpit?!”

“Well…yea, under the armpit, right thru the lung. Bam! I watched Blood In, Blood Out when I was a teenager.”

“I didn’t see that one. Is that one of those movies like Zoot Suit or American Me?” he asks.

“Yea…Don’t look at me Little Puppet!” I poke him in the armpit again (mimicking a stabbing motion) laughing uproariously at my own joke.

“You got issues.”

After a brief moment, “Babe, are you worried I’m going to try to stab you?” (I have to ask him.)

“Naw, life insurance doesn’t pay you for that.” With those sweet loving words my husband goes to sleep.

For those who don’t know us this might seem strange and kind of crazy but I think that is the quintessential example of who we are as a couple. He accepts me for all my ridiculousness and I accept him for his (trust me he has his moments). I realized that laughter and our plain goofiness is going to be my foundation as I move forward as a writer. Even during those moments when I’m channeling my inner Greek tragedy, I’ll have memories like last night to make me smile and laugh. When it’s all said and done, who cares about movies when I got my man.

4 thoughts on “Just being silly

  1. jeneric9 says:

    Very well done, my friend. Of course, Rick is a prince of a guy for putting up with you and I can’t imagine him having any quirks at all now that I know from whence he came. Something about the Continental Divide…or at least the Sierras that is the fulcrum of one of those “there are two kinds of people in the world…”comparisons. Love you and miss you.

    • monicagedwards says:

      🙂 xoxo love and miss u 2. lol, yea he’s a real prince but he’s just as crazy, you know he can’t be “quite right” to live in this house. even the darn dog is out of her mind sometimes…i think she gets it from him.

  2. I am Puerto Rican, my boyfriend is German/Swiss/Dutch something crazy that should have never been combined. When I’ve watched a little too much Criminal Minds, CSI, and NCIS (Gibbs is so hot), I always tell him, “You know? I think i can kill you and get away with it.” He looks at me sideways and says, “yeah? But what will you do with the body?” I just point out the window and say, “there is a lot of desert from here to Vegas.” He rarely gives me trouble. LOL

  3. Liliam says:

    Shiver me timbers, them’s some great inootmarifn.

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