Zombie attack?! Whatcha talken bout Willis? I know I’m not the only person freaking out about this. I read up on what happened in Miami. Authorities are saying that suspect was allegedly under the influence of bath salts. Are you freaking kidding me? He snorted bath salts and it caused him to eat some poor guys face and then get shot without hardly any reaction!!???

Now I’m not always the quickest horse in the stable but for real? Bath salts? What, the guy didn’t have any hand sanitizer to drink around? Geez, getting high these days is ridiculous. Kids just don’t do it; it’s not worth being laughed at and made fun of. Dare to be different!  Its hand cleaner and bath product for Gods sake!!

Ok, sure I know it’s not like I didn’t take allergy medicine as a young teenager and got a little buzzed. But then again you never heard news stories of someone eating some guys FACE OFF on national news because he or she was high on cold medicine. Sure they might have fell out of window or something but I’m thinking that’s Darwinism. Of course I’ve been accused of being a cold-hearted B*^%# so I could be wrong.

The scary thing is we have a pre-teen of our own. He’s a good kid, very intelligent but not too keen with common sense sometimes. (We see an engineer-based career in his future.) We try as best we can to give him “life lesson” advice but sometimes you can actually see the words go in one ear and out the other. He’s a pre-teen with all the sarcasm of a 25 year old (he’s ours so we expect no less) so I can’t even imagine his reaction when I tell him “Don’t drink the hand sanitizer and Don’t snort bath salts”. God, my kid is going to think I’m an idiot but what’s the alternative, Zombieland?

Just being silly

Last night I realized something about my relationship with my hubby. Here’s a little background info, I grew up in Southern California and he’s from Colorado. With that being said for me, as a teenager it was pretty much a rite of passage to watch movies like Zoot Suit, Blood In, Blood Out, Boulevard Nights, American Me; for him, not so much. In fact, he hadn’t even heard of some these movies until he moved to Southern California (gasp! I know, huh?).

So I’m having trouble sleeping and what else am I to do but harass my partner in life? He’s right next to me, don’t judge me…you know you would do the same. I start poking him in the armpit (mimicking a stabbing motion). I’m thinking of that movie Blood In, Blood Out for some reason. We had just watched Criminal Minds so I’m going to blame it on that.

Sigh… “Babe what are you doing?” He is facing away from me, laying on his side.

“Practicing,” I answer.

“What? To stab me in the armpit?!”

“Well…yea, under the armpit, right thru the lung. Bam! I watched Blood In, Blood Out when I was a teenager.”

“I didn’t see that one. Is that one of those movies like Zoot Suit or American Me?” he asks.

“Yea…Don’t look at me Little Puppet!” I poke him in the armpit again (mimicking a stabbing motion) laughing uproariously at my own joke.

“You got issues.”

After a brief moment, “Babe, are you worried I’m going to try to stab you?” (I have to ask him.)

“Naw, life insurance doesn’t pay you for that.” With those sweet loving words my husband goes to sleep.

For those who don’t know us this might seem strange and kind of crazy but I think that is the quintessential example of who we are as a couple. He accepts me for all my ridiculousness and I accept him for his (trust me he has his moments). I realized that laughter and our plain goofiness is going to be my foundation as I move forward as a writer. Even during those moments when I’m channeling my inner Greek tragedy, I’ll have memories like last night to make me smile and laugh. When it’s all said and done, who cares about movies when I got my man.

For Ginger

So many kisses I gotta give

I wanna play, I wanna play

Oh… this is the best part of the day


Look I can jump! Look I can dig!

You mean I’m not supposed to act this way?

It’s fine, I’ll just give momma more kisses

Oh…this is the best part of the day


The sun is hot, the wind is soft

Playtime is over but it’s okay

Sigh, now it’s naptime and

This… is the best part of the day

Just thoughts

As I stumble into the jungle of writing I’m finding that nothing is as simple as it seems not even my name. I am currently trying to determine what my “brand” should be. Do I write under my own name, create a variation of my name, or just go for a full fledge alter ego and create an alias? Yikes…choices, choices, it’s like being at the candy store and you can only have one. Sigh, I’ll be honest I know I’m overthinking it but I can’t help myself.

But enough of that, I’m at least writing. I’ve got some good ideas swirling around in my head; I’ve just got to get it on paper (in my laptop). This is always easier said than done but its ok. As Branli (www.branlicaidryn.com)  is quick to remind me “The first draft is always rough, don’t worry about it. Just get it out and then continue to work out the details on the next draft.” Thank goodness for good advice from good friends to help keep me sane and focused.

Keeping up with twitter and the blog has been very interesting. It’s definitely not for the weak or weary. I have already been asked if I am going to be addicted to my phone to keep up with it all. I didn’t have the heart to tell my hubby that it’s more likely to happen than not. Some things are better left unsaid.

Well my brain seems to be shutting down so I will end this for the night.

Buenos Noches, have a good night.

Freedom and Acceptance


The stirring of life begins

I can feel my senses awakening

Slowly, ever so slowly I push my wings free

The wind caresses my body, whispering to me of adventure and promises of love

My heart yearns to be free but…

I can’t rush my bid for freedom…not yet, oh no not yet

The light dances off the sparkling leaves

Multitudes of colors that I can barely see through the gauze of my cocoon

My wings quiver in anticipation; my body shakes with anticipation

But I am still trapped…in my cocoon…waiting for the right time

Pushing through the fabric of Mother Nature’s nurturing grasp

I am anxious to be free, to share my beauty and magnificence with the world

Oh what joys I will experience, what adventures I will have

Finally, at last I can feel the last of my chains falling away

The sounds, the colors bombard my senses, I am exuberant!

I sail across the field, buffeted by the wind

Thrown here and there as insignificant as an insect

But I am a butterfly

I am more than a mere insect…aren’t I?

Time passes and with it comes knowledge

Although yes I am a butterfly and perhaps I am just an insect

But I am ME and I am FREE

So on to the next adventure, sailing into the winds that will carry me through fields of flowers  

Embracing the beauty and magnificence of not just myself, but of the world  


I started this poem almost a year ago. Seemed kind of prophetic, huh? I do feel free now, doing what has been hiding inside for so many years. I wasn’t going to post it because it feels like I’m exposing such a vulnurable part of myself. But I guess that’s the point isn’t it? I hapn’d to come across a poem from Sylvia Plath (A Mad Girl’s Love Song)  and realized as writers exposing the most hidden, darkest, vulnerable parts of ourselves is where the beauty comes from. Eh, whatever maybe I’m just having an emo moment.. don’t judge me, it happens.

A true believer

Last night a friend announce that he was going to finally “put down some roots” and create an author’s page. Which after knowing Branli for a few years is a pretty big deal. Please take a look www.branlicaidryn.com you will be intrigued, your interest will be peaked but you won’t be disappointed. Which is why I have been so excited about his book being released for months. You’re killing me softly Bran.

Branli has been a big part of my cheerleading team and has pushed/badgered me (along with my hubby) to get the voices out of my head. I have stories to tell so do it! Sigh…there’s no room for the weak around here. You got issues, work it out and let’s move on. I’ll have to tell the story of “there’s no crying on the sofa” lol! But thats for later. Right now it’s all about my friend Branli.

You have been a true friend and believer in not only my talent but in me as a person. I appreciate you and I appreciate everything you do. I know how hard you are working on your books with editing, illustration, and, etc, etc (the mind boggles at all the details) No matter what happens I know you are going to be a success because karma will return what you willingly give with a positive and open heart. XOXOXO

Cheers to you Branli Caidryn!!!   Image



Today I met a great bunch of people at the HDCWC meeting (High Desert Branch of the California Writers Club) and oh man talk about creativity busting at the seams! I’m so glad I went today.  I was inspired to stop procrastinating in setting up a blog and getting in gear to do what’s in my heart to do. I’m a writer so I need to write! I have the stories in my head, I just have to get them on paper…ahem excuse me in my laptop (winks) Being around everyone today was truly humbling and an adrenaline rush to get things going. My god, there was a gentleman there who turned 100 years old this year and still writing, talk about dedication! What’s my excuse for not going after my dream?

So here I go, full speed ahead, sword drawn, word document pulled up 🙂 No excuses…ok sometimes just a couple but only cuz I’m human and well let’s be honest who doesn’t like to play hooky?

Goals…everyone needs goals so what are my goals…World peace, too much. World domination, maybe later. For now, I’d like to just complete a story and have it published. My gawd, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve started a story only to stop and ditch it like New Year’s resolution diet. It’s horrible I know, oh well baby steps right?

So I’ll keep pushing forward and do my best to stay focused. Hopefully blogging will help ::crossing fingers:: I’m new to blogging so please be patient with me or if you have any advice or helpful hints I’m open to it.

As you can tell I’m pretty pumped up for this new chapter (pun not intended but it worked) of my life. Now if I can just figure out how to make it work for world domination even better.

Till next time, stay strong, stay motivated and stay blessed!